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September 21, 2016


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                Americans are the
               trashiest people on
            earth. we waste food,
           goods, and lives in epic
         proportions. at the dump today,
      dozens of adorable teensy desks
     and boxes and boxes of books
  for early readers, copyright 2001
 and like new. next to me a white
       guy in a shiny new SUV
              and trailer was tossing
                  construction waste
                 with abandon. a piece
              almost hit me and i yelled
            at him, adrenaline surging. he meekly apologized
          as he tossed his extra, unused lumber in the
        trash while the bin for clean wood was right
        there next to us. sometimes i feel like a stranger
        in Don't-Give-A-Fuckland. happily, surfer Tony
       with an 808 # answered my ad for free vintage stove
       and picked it up to refurbish for his mom. and i
      personally saved a            fridge that was grimy but
     otherwise functional       and complete. oh well, it
      will all be spacedust     again some day. p.s. i'm
                        going to suggest the dump set up a
                                                                  book drop.