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September 14, 2016


the day started normal enough, coffee on the couch where sarah alerted me to these weird patterns:
weird patterns
being near the top of a hill, the early sun comes in low, casts shadows on the ceiling, illuminates leaves.

then to work. in this heyday of disposable IKEA furniture, people just don't want to stick with the classics:
early modern american
                        plywood cabinets donated to second use
but it was cool that second use took that door and the cabinets. quality construction transcends fashion.

then 1,500 pounds of rubble to dump--certified, legitimate rubbish. unlike much of what we saw at the transfer station:
transfer station panorama
clean wood, crisp sailing charts, a garbage can, scrap metal, a quart jar dusted inside with marijuana residue (recyclable).

back at the jobsite, the post-war electric stove is lonely, bereft of its lifelong companions, the cabinets:
lonely stove
please don't make me take it to the scrapheap. it is FREE for you to give a good home to. first come, first served.

rob (atchoo!)