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February 9, 2016

missed opportunity
No place speaks to me the way Maui does.

Since my first, almost inadvertent, visit in 2011
I've felt it pulling me back again and again and again.
This time I'm here for a couple/three weeks to help friends
remodel their house in Hali'imaile. On the approach to OGG
we came in low enough over Maalaea Harbor to just make out
a couple of dark shapes beneath the surface of the calm clear
 waters--humpback whales! Stepping out of baggage claim, I felt
it again, the deep visceral vibration that tells me this is home.
It's a happysad feeling knowing it's just a short stay, but I'm
going to drink it in deep as I can, jam my memory banks
with sights, smells, and sensations that I can draw on later.