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  July 31, 2012


space Most people I talk to think what I'm doing* is a really good idea but that's probably only because
they're not the ones doing it. I worked enough landscaping to know plants grow crooked for a while
after you uproot and          transplant them into new soil. I should be grateful and I am, but that
doesn't mean it's all          cookies and cream landing in remote jungle clearing on faraway island.  Mind
confused, heart heavy, only my bones know and embrace the  simplicity that lured Steinbeck and Abbey
I love this compact style of living. If just-enoughism caught on we'd be living in a better world. This humble
shelter provides most comfy conveniences--fridge, lights, & fan powered by solar-charged batteries; piping
hot shower at excellent pressure (50 lbs. thanks to gravity feed from well water holding tank up the hill);
well-equipped kitchen with gas stove, double-sink, & army of scouring sanitizing ants; built-in am/fm cassette
stereo, double bed and high-tech composting toilet so that I                        can feed      the garden that feeds me.  

                  *Six month trial as assistant caretaker in a truly beautiful part of the world. Work trade for space in a trailer.