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January 3, 2015


oh sure, start with the weather, how last night it blew harder here than it had in 30 years. the wind swirled and blustered, every extra big kona gust woke me up but Sarah sawed logs delicately through it all. boogie boards, trash, and a set-up tent were blown all around the barn. a catfight woke us in dark before dawn. today was calm, an ocean of diamonds, surprisingly little to clean up. we limbed treefall and pruned danglers with 18v reciprocating saw, loaded up and hauled it off. across kalepa gulch from us is national park. we parked at bottom and started straight up grown-over switchbacks, the old king's road, remarkably intact 80 or so years after it was last trafficked by mules. i'm not much of a hiker but i'm in love with this one--not too long, strenuous, or scary but with two big waterfall payoffs up top. ...and right in our own backyard.