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Picture of the Day

December 18, 2012

Will Kitchen

Got a nice text from Maui around noon, informing me it was another picture perfect day. I wondered if my present situation was at all imperfect as I tried to place the beach in the picture, so tiny and alluring on the palm-sized screen, sunny blue a bonedeep memory.

I wanted to text back, "This is where I am!" and attach a snapshot of the three dudes stalking into Lowe's where I was checking out with 25 sheets of green drywall, a 62 pound bucket of mud and 500 feet of paper tape. They were harshly backlit by a backdrop of unremitting grey, silhouetted, sinister, joking in a language I don't understand while behind them an old man squatted in ancient Asian wisdom awaiting curbside pickup. None of it seemed grim.

I was on a mission, had a simple job to do and was looking forward to it.

There was a laughing desperation in the air, the trabajadors at the entrance waiting for a miracle in the meantime played a game on the sidewalk, laughing wherever the marker landed.

Here I am! everything seemed to say all day. The key. The mirror. The cart. The weight. The soup. The sign. The hat. The cane.