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Picture of the Day

December 8, 2012

                        courtesy Constance Awenasa
Thanks for the pic, Constance Awenasa!

Lately I feel as if I don't exist,
and when I do get convinced
I wonder to what purpose. It's
been this way more or less since
I came back from Maui. Don't know
what it is, maybe I just miss the sun.

All I know is ennui and angst dissolve
when immersed in warm green ocean.

But it's not all gloom and doom--mostly just gloom.
The days, if you can call them that, are short and dark.

The only thing that really helps is connecting with friends,
and this week has been replete with happy encounters, all
of which culminated with one of my favorite things to do:
spinning 45s as Port-a-Party at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

I played non-stop from 10:30-8:30, about 200 singles in a row,
with lots of visitors to the DJ table (where I even sold 2 BUZZ).

But my favorite transaction of the day went something like this...

I "bought" a $2 VHS tape of Double Indemnity from my neighbor.
I didn't have any cash on me at start of day so we agreed I owed her.
After I made a few bucks, I gave two to her. Then at the end of the day
she dropped $2 in my tip jar. What goes around comes around. Rock!