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October 29, 2010

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Had a dream I was playing a game involving three dice.
When three ones came up at once I called out, "Snake eyes
to asshole!" as if that were a common term for it. Two ones
really is snake eyes, and the third seemed an apt enough
anatomical correlation. But the person I was playing with
didn't get it because he thought I'd said, "Snake eyes to aglypha,"
which meant nothing to me but in my dream was a scientific
term for a kind of snake tooth. I clarified what I'd said and he
got the picture. When I woke up I wondered if that word really
did mean anything so I searched. I was surprised to learn that
it actually does refer to snake teeth; aglyphous means plain-toothed
as opposed to fanged. Whoa. Where did I get that knowledge and
how long and deep had it been hiding in my subconscious? As
Bob Nelson remarked, "The mind is a terrible thing." Do you
know any three-dice games? If so, please do drop me a note.
In the meantime, see how many clicks it takes to get 3 ones.
The odds are 1 in 216. I did it in 203 tries. Vegas here I come!