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October 24, 2010

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Peck Kinsman Kavage Miller
John Peck, John Kinsman, Sarah Kavage, David Miller
Sarah's final Industrial Harvest event took place today at Mess Hall, a community art space in the diverse Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. It was a panel discussion on the topic Economic Justice and the Commodities System with guests John Peck (economics professor) and John Kinsman (dairy farmer) of Family Farm Defenders and David Miller, a former banker who started Midwest Organic Farm Management as a mechanism for investing in organic agriculture. If they all look serious here it's for good reason--there are more prisoners than farmers in the USA and half of those who do farm don't even own the land they work. Small, sustainable, holistic family farms are being screwed right out of existence by financial and regulatory systems heavily tilted towards big money interests--a crisis vividly dissected in Joel Salatin's Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal.