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October 25, 2009

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Woke up feeling outside myself and even though it was a walk which got me into this mess I knew walking
was the way to get out of it again. It was a gorgeous day, summer taking one last bow, and I felt good
enough so long as I was moving. On the ground the mud was drying and in the sky 3 jets conspired
unwittingly in symmetry to draw a sign. The rhythm of my feet set me to singing a made-up song
in Czech and though I felt somewhat better the "Second Home" cemetery tempted me with
its promise of eternal rest. I don't know if it was by design or improvised but even the
roads here exhibit a certain charm and grace. Stopping for lunch was almost a
mistake as it gave the pain I'd outpaced a chance to catch up and nothing
makes a headache worse than thinking about it does. On the move
again I left the hangover on the table with the tip and the sun,
roads, fresh air, and fields were once again my friends.