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October 12, 2009


I saw the tallest man and the saddest woman on
the Metro today. Also many young beauties
but they caused me no pain. That kind
of longing dissipates with age. It was
nice to wander Prague in the rain.
I bought an umbrella yesterday.
Tapping it on cobbles made
me feel somehow respect-
able, as if I had a cane.
I left Honza alone
with his clock
and took my

time walking
around. Men in
suits and women
in skirts rushed to
 their Monday concerns
but I had the sense of a
slower beating heart beneath it
all and went to Kino Svetozor, a fairly
new arthouse cinema in the center which
which feels as if it's been there forever--partly
because it houses an enormous collection of movie
posters covering the whole history of motion pictures.
I was given a special tour of the archive by the devotee
who started it all, Pavel Rajcan. He had the generous spirit
and infectious enthusiasm of a serious collector and showed me
dozens of examples from the golden age of Czech and Polish design,
1930-1989. Much of the collection is viewable online and originals which are
 had in duplicate are available for purchase. Online or in Prague, a must-visit.