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October 12, 2009

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Vstával sem jednou ráno
pod mostním obloukem
nejspíš jsem zvecera tísnen
koncil se svým zivotem
nejspíš jsem zas vecer koncil

kdyz z mostu dolu jsem skákal
silnou vidinu sem mel
buh hodin na me se díval
pak mocne zadunel
mozná ze pravdu mel

Za všechno muze cas
Ten, co se skrývá v nás
Náhle si zrychlí ten svuj tok

Za všechno muze cas
Ten, co se skrývá v nás
Pouhá vterina je ke smrti krok

Pul hodiny sem se sbíral
mozná to bylo víc
na most pak nahoru zíral
v hlave zas prázdno a nic
zítra musím skocit víc

Mám jedno poslední prání
nez pujdu do kytic
na hrob chci hodiny SESTKA
(slovo se vykrikne a zastaví se)
hodiny chci a nic víc
jen jedno skromné prání


Honza and I had intended to do a timelapse of him assembling one of his
clock designs on my last trip but we didn't get to it and it's kind of shocking
how quickly we came around again, a year and half later, time spinning the
hands of clocks faster and faster like a demented merry-go-round. It's been
six years and about 600 clocks since he started doing them on the side and
now it's full time. I'm sorry I'll miss the 6th anniversary exhibition at Kino Aero.
The music in the video is by his band Digital, who adapt popular songs,
changing the lyrics to be about time, clocks, and clockmakers. The song at
left is one of his adaptations (of a song originally by Filipa Lenkova) and
on the right a further mutation, his own very loose translation into English.

Once I woke up dressed
under the arch of a bridge
the evening before
i'd done my day in again

when I jumped off the bridge
strange dreaming came to me
the clockGod appeared and roared
he might even have been right

It is all the fault of time
the one ticking inside
and suddenly he changes
his mind

It is all fault of time
the one ticking inside
only a second
and death is not shy

It took me half an hour
(maybe it was longer)
to get to my feet and gaze
up at the bridge with a
head full of nothing and say,
tomorrow i must jump more.

there is just one wish i have
before flowers cover the stage
put a SESTKA clock on my grave
just a wallclock - nothing less
than my one modest wish