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March 24, 2009

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springtime in the city seems to be when the natural order starts to superimpose itself over the straight lines and square corners of the built environment. perhaps seattle winter is so bleak because nature is in retreat, reduced to stray evergreens and the ubiquitous crow. in retrospect, today struck me as a dance between nature and technology. in photos of nature, the technology creeped in; in photos of technology, nature tickles the edges.

the smells and colors of life itself are starting to make themselves felt.

standing above I-5 on the way to lunch, we saw a mobile home go by in two separate parts. quite a marvel to see a house whiz by at 100 feet per second. (it's the stuff of Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Wizard of Oz.) and it was not alone. the 21st century was blazing forward at a furious pace, hundreds and thousands of screaming motor vehicles, each on a vitally important errand demanding the utmost machine-powered haste. i wished them all luck and cheered from the overpass, shouting to be heard over the traffic's roar: "Go! Go, go, go! Go go go! Go-o-ooo!!!"