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March 23, 2009

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sometimes i feel
i am growing
stupider by the
second. other
times it might
take a minute.
i don't think
listening to npr
all day is helping.
i spend my workdays
focused on eighths
and sixteenths of
inches, making marks
with a mechanical
pencil, trimming
Chinese laminate
plywood with a
precision German
circular saw which
rides a rigid guide.
i'm cutting and
hanging panels in
some snazzy new
construction. if all
goes well, i get one
sized, cut, and hung
in about an hour.

but that's not the
stupid part. the
stupid part is i have
been leaving the dust
exhaust uncovered,
filling the air with
wood, glue, and polymer
particulates which
hang in the air who
knows how long and
insinuate themselves
into every crease and
pore of cloth and skin.
i used to just hold my breath,
 but now i've been wearing a
paper mask most of the time
--but i still blow sawdust
out my nose and there's
a rattle in my lungs. well,
i'm resolved to put a bag
over the exhaust (for some
reason the saw does not
come equipped with one).
pretty smart, huh? is it
better to learn too late
than never at all?