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December 10, 2007

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Walking is the life of a city. Even pigeons do it. Saw a boy get bumped by a car reversing after it had crept halfway through redlight into intersection. People screamed, driver was sorry. Stopped by JPM's to see a pro video deck he scored for free which he offered to me. Then up to Wall of Sound, where I dropped off New Year's Eve tickets for sale. At CHAC, John Boylan hosted PDL, who lent interesting insight into their Portable Confession Booth, which they consider mental sanitation as crucial to civic hygiene as public toilets. On the way, saw this paper art on a lamppost near where 1st Xian church used to be. The artist is Lars, who was one of the crew who covered the Bridge Motel in graphics before it finally came down just last week or so. Waiting for the bus home, a guy with handguns stencilled on his jeans made everyone nervous and an ambulance arrived across the street to treat someone's mental disturbance. City living...