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December 7, 2007

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click for CALL TO ARTISTS The reason I haven't been updating much lately is I've been working like crazy on a New Year's Eve "party with a purpose." Somehow, organizing an event for 400 people takes a lot of time and effort. Go figure. But it's going great, with lots of excellent talent signed on and plenty of people stepping up to lend a hand.

You're probably wondering: "What can I do to help?" Glad you asked...

The easiest way to get involved is to buy a ticket. Even if you can't attend the event, your purchase acts as a donation and the ticket you buy will be given to someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it. So, buy a ticket. Or better yet, buy 2 tickets.

If you're of an artistic and/or political bent, please contribute to the Agitprop Poster Challenge. You can do this wherever in the world you are. Just make a poster, hang 50 copies in your town, and then email a copy to be hung in the New Year's Eve Poster Explosion gallery show. Your contribution will be archived online, where others can download and propagate your poster.

I'm also looking for people to do information tabling and/or conduct workshops, especially during the afternoon. Check for details.

The reason I'm doing this is I want to use New Year's as a reality check and point of departure to shake people out of their apathy and despair. It's never too late to make the world a better place.