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July 21, 2006

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Today the magic transporter (aka, train) brought us to Letni Filmova Skola (Summer Film School) festival in Uherske Hradiste--yet another ridiculously charming Czech town. SFS is not literally a school, but it is framed as an educational experience. Most film festivals present mainly new works, whereas SFS screens scores of older classic as well as lesser known films to deepen one's knowledge of the art. (Special thanks to Mirek, who recommended it and hooked us up with one of the organizers who made us feel very welcome.) It was a short pleasant walk from the train station to the main "campus" at Namesti Miru (Peace Square), the core of the festival where 4 of the 10 theaters were located. We camped nearby and had access to a hockey arena's showers and toilets. Opening night we saw WALKABOUT and MICROCOSMOS--the latter of which was shown, appropriately, outside. We swatted at bugs as we watched....