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July 19, 2006

MISO!!! While we're away, we've been graced with exceptional subletters--the kind of people who take the time to send emails like this:

Hi Sarah & Rob,

Miso is quite the highly regarded kitty around her neighborhood. A week or two ago, a stamped, officially mailed postcard appeared in the mailbox, addressed to MISO in big black letters. It was from someone named Jennylee Lieseke. It reads:

Miso, Thank you for being such a nice little kitty and letting me pet you whenever you come by. I'm always happy when I see you sitting on the walk. You're such a wonderful & friendly cat. Take care of yourself & stay sweet.
--Jenny Lee

(I wrote back, explaining that, since Miso's writing skills aren't too good, I would gladly write for her. I thanked Ms. JennyLee and said that Miso appreciates knowing that others recognize her wonderfulness.)

It could be a little depressing when your cat gets more mail than you do, but then again, it IS Miso...