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July 12, 2006

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It was a day of art highs and lows. The palacinky on the train were delightful. In Prague, I am still discovering extraordinary sights--like the dome of the main station which I'd walked under scores of times without ever looking up. Or the synagogue on Jerusalemska. We ate at Arzenal, a combination glass gallery and Thai restaurant. After lunch we saw Joseph Beuys exhibit at Museum Kampa. His statements about art are inspiring but the artifacts themselves struck me as only so much recycled dada. The show, with lots of big pictures of the artist, seemed a tribute to Beuys' personality, which perhaps is appropriate since much of his work was performance oriented and concerned more with conveying ideas than producing objects. A lot of the other work in the museum was caca, except for one piece by the always amazing Jiri Kolar. After that, Sarah and I parted. We agreed to meet at Shakespeare and Sons at 6:30...