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August 9, 2005


i wrote my first poem in college
i wasn't ready for it (college, that is)
i remember only one line:
wullicking in the drily orifice
the whole thing went that way,
mostly gibberish with just a hint
at meaning; it had a nice rhythm

i photocopied it 100x, 2 to a sheet,
cut the pages in half, numbered each
and deposited them around campus,
unsigned. a month or so later i saw
it in the univsersity literary magazine,
reproduced exactly as i'd typed it,
credited to anonymous--that's me!

people paste, tape, and staple
posters and poems to poles all
over seattle, and though you know
what they're for the authors and
designers remain a mystery. the
layers of paper accrete until they're
inches deep, thick and puffy, hug-
gable as humans, a softened utility.

newlyweds aria garcia and craig chambers on
                        their way to see & hear Lillydale at chop