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August 8, 2005

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...when i assemble a Flattened Can Spiral, i title it with the number of cans of which it consists (FCS 163, FCS 439, etc.). the missing numbers between spirals recall Buckminster Fuller's idea of pattern integrities, the 99.9% of the magnetic spectrum beyond our senses, the "thought" "soul" "impetus" which manifests through matter, the spiral is always existing made temporarily invisible by time the way a traveller appears and disappears moving through fog, spotty visibility, the essence of the spiral exists

outside the cans but is recognizeable only when constructed of apprehendable familiar forms. so, when i call this spiral Flattened Can Spiral 439 it is in a double sense the 439th Spiral. There are the sequential spirals which were never constructed, existed only jumbled together


in a bag. 436 cans, 437 cans, 438... they added up slowly, picked sporadically from the streets. Then, there are all the spirals which existed as the totality was being constructed. After the first few cans, the spiral form was visible,

consecutive spirals of discrete number (212 can spiral, add a can, 213 can spiral, add a can, 214 can spiral, etc...), and after the last can was laid down (#439), the spiral went back into the bag like a body into its grave, the idea of spiral charging it the way a soul gives motive force to creatures. the next spiral assembly (of as yet indeterminate number) will occur Thursday September 8 2005 at the RE Store, 1440 NW 52nd, 2 blocks N of Ballard Bridge.