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July 20, 2005


Out of town visitors offer fresh eyes on familiar sights.
Dan & Julie are visiting from Prague. Dan is Czech. He
and I met through Carbusters and Prague Critical Mass.
Julie is from Ballard but now she lives over there. Dan's
a Prague city councilman who lobbies hard for cyclists'
rights and works developing European greenways. As
luck would have it, the Burke-Gilman extension opened
recently and so the three of us all had our first ride on it.
(The dedication ceremony in Monday July 25 at 6:30 pm.)


After a trip to Golden Gardens, we stopped in at Bop Street
. How had I never visited there before? It's a vinyl
junkie's dream
. Although the prices are a bit high, I was
able to negotiate 50% off an old Morse Code how-to LP. It's
all short and long tones, no speaking whatsoever; the
strangest record in my collection. Dit, dah, dit dit dah...
Morse Code is the first form of binary telecommunication,
a descendent of which this webpage is....