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July 8, 2005




I really like Grayland, Washington. It's on a spit of sandy dunes on the Pacific coast. The beach is wide, flat, and firm, which makes it popular with drivers (boo!) and bicyclists (yay!). The water is shallow so it actually warms up enough where taking a dip won't chill you to the bone. We stayed in a yurt at Grayland State Park, which is situated in a conservation area, so there's remarkably little development or commerce. There's not much to do here and that's why Sarah and I like it. We watched the weather, feasted our eyes on the wide horizon, played catch and ran in the sand, enjoyed an annual kite festival, and collected litter from the beach because it (the litter, of course) was so pretty. Our favorite trash was the multicolored plastic nosecones from last week's 4th of July fireworks which we stuck on our fingers like fabulous Lee Press-on Nails.

When it was nice out at night, we sat around a fire. When it rained, we huddled inside with books. We took a rainy day trip to nearby Westport where we chanced upon Willow Books, a nice secondhand shop which is going tits up in September after 8 years in business. Right next door was the Westport Maritime Museum where the Destruction Island Lighthouse Lens alone justified the $3 admission.

Well, that was a nice diversion. When we got back to Seattle, Bush was still president, which is truly unbelievable given the amount of impeachment-worthy evidence against him and his posse. I guess it's not really all that surprising when you read this and these....