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November 21, 2003


click to download film [2M] it's as if i had laryngitis and
suddenly got my voice back--
my camera's the filter i use
to celebrate and make sense
of my existence. the weird
thing is i didn't know there
was anything i wanted to say
until i was able to say it again.
cold and sunny this morning,
it snowed for the first time
in a long time last night, thin
accumulation still on roofs
and cars. outside the library
the snow was melting off
a shiny pickup truck. sarah
and i went there after coffee
at her studio. she was looking
for pictures of plant cell miscro-
scopy, i pulled a stack of CDs
for mixing purposes: Flash, Fela,
klezmer, Roland Kirk, LL Cool J,
musics from Tuva, Thailand, Cuba,
USSR, plus some zydeco and a
sound effects record. all for free!

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