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November 20, 2003


Christina Malecka in Greg Lundgren's
_I Am an Artist_ at Consolidated Works, November 20, 2003
T. Raumschmiere at Chop Suey, Seattle, November 20, 2003
today was a nice day
from top to bottom.
i haven't had one of those
in a while and i can't quite
explain what made it so great.
basically, since returning to
seattle on oct 17, this is
the first time i've felt really
at home again. don't know why.
i said to greg when i got to the
theatre, "i'm back."  maybe having
my camera back had something
to do with it (i even shot some clips
during the performance). maybe it was
zeroing out my emailbox (next will be
to tackle the pile of envelopes
i've done such a good job ignoring).
it could have been the rain, which
explains most people's moods here,
for better or worse. after the play,
up to chop suey in john berry's
luxurious silver volvo station wagon,
hail turned to rain turned to snow.
chop suey had its sound too loud
as usual but nordic soul's set was
well modulated and synched eerily
with the war footage projections
jesse & i compiled at jed's tuesday.
t. raumschmiere hit so hard it hurt
so we retreated to the green room,
2 empty pizza boxes and killed
black label cans everywhere, it
smelled good and there was bottled
water, a private toilet behind whose
closed door the sound was perfect.

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