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November 5, 2003


I walked over Aurora Bridge today.
It is a high place where people go
when they want to jump, end it all.
There's a sidewalk with a 10-inch
curb. When I'm on my bike, I some-
times stop to pick up the bigger bits
of plastic, a habit I learned up from
Molly Rouzie (who also writes rhym-
ing poetry). But since I was walking,
I decided to stoop for even itty-bitty
pieces, tempting as candy in the mor-
ning sun, Mt. Rainier small, far off.
They were like the teeth of an extinct
species. I placed one by one in my up-
turned palm and carried them all the
way to Queen Anne, the weight of
the world in my hand. It wasn't too
much to bear. Just the crummy bits
of wasteful existence
. I noticed they
were densest near the on-ramp.