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November 4, 2003


strong start... It begins...
The long, long road over the moors and up into the forest--
who trod it into being first of all? Man, a human being, the
first that came here. There was no path before he came.
Afterward, some beast or other, following the faint tracks
over marsh and moorland, wearing them deeper; after
these again some Lapp gained scent of the path, and took
that way from field to field, looking to his reindeer. Thus
was made the road through great Almenning--the common
tracts without an owner; no-man's land.
sunny day
i sit by canal
3 others here
2 on phones
i'm about to start
a book--Growth
of the Soil
Knut Hamsun,
who i hear ended
his life in hiding
or something
very like it for
with the Nazis.
jackhammer, motor
boats, the hum of
tires & engines
going over bridges.
the sun hits
the water, to look
at it you'd go blind.
anyway, i try.