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September 17, 2003


felt hilariously good today, the feeling you get when after being sick you are suddenly well, and the warm sunshine certainly helped. when i first came to prague, all i did was get drunk, fuck, and fall in love. now i'm an old man in training, sun myself on benches and photograph cracks in the pavement. went for a walk that ended in gulas at mirek's, where we began work on translating the lyrics of uz jsme doma's new record into english... here's a first draft of one...

Pocity plotu

Ploty se boji o to nestrezi
Nehnou se z mista na kterem zalezi

Tomu co

Pocity plotu plot po plotu pletou
Plotu po plotu cit pocity pletou
Ploty citu pocit o plotu pletou
Pocity popletu spletou tuplem

Ploty si stoji na tom co obklopi
Precitlivele hraji si na kopi
Boji se toho co pres ne pronika
Stoji a stoji a zivot utika

Co ploty
stale tak

Chrani sva prani

Feelings of Fences

Fences fear what they don't guard
They never move from their own yard

They don't believe
past what
they can see

Fences' feelings confuse fence after fence
Feelings cause fear, confuse fence after fence
Fears confuse feelings about fellow fences
Feelings doubly confound the already confused

Fences stand by what they enclose
Pretending they're spears in defensive pose
Afraid of anything that penetrates
They stand and stand as life runs away

What could be
always so

Protecting their wishes.