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September 16, 2003


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lest you get the impression
that i'm all gloom and doom,
let me state for the record
that i had a nice birthday.
honza said he had something
for me so i walked over,
taking an unexplored route
which made me happy.
he gave me a bicycle
with the hour hand
on one wheel, the minute
on the other, & in the middle
the seconds spin the crank,
pedals bottom-weighted
so they stay level. But wait,
there's more! Another clock,
made from carefully shredded
plastic cup, souvenir of a night
i mostly don't remember. we
drank tea, ate cake his mate
Melissa made, and watched
half the Chelsea-Sparta game.
Sparta held its own, 0-0, against
the multibillion crown superteam.
then i got tired and walked home.