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January 8, 2003


no camera, no camera,
no time to find a new one,
no money either so i work,
scrambling after holiday hiatus...

rode an old bike today
with banana saddle
to my former employer's
to help him with a website
and once i get an xray friday
i hope to have the go-ahead
to get back into landscaping.

before i went, i scanned more
floral wallpaper from the queen
anne demolition job and ran
my finger following the lightbar.

liked the effect so much i did it
again. this is it. there is dust
from the plaster and looking
at the scanned fragments again
i think of our future ruins:
tires, cars, and conduit.


websites will simply disappear,
quicker and cleaner than books
in a bonfire. like my hand,
no cavewall impressions to last.*








*but i did make one of aluminum.
destined to be melted into a pan?