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January 7, 2003


woke up thinking
clean living will make
my skin clear. sarah,
about to step out to a job
which isn't going the way
she expected when she got
into the whole urban planning
graduate degree and career,
looked at my face
and i was ready to hear
you're looking great
but instead she said,
someone has a zit!
right here, she said, pointing
to the side of her nose,
right where i had one yesterday.
i got out of bed--clean living
makes at least that much easier--
and went to have a look.
it was big, white, flat, like a
partially deflated tennis dome,
full of goo but not much tension in it.
it bled like a motherfucker, one
bright red bead after another
and i thought i should share this.
bleed me up, spotty