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December 17, 2002

dark and dismal grey today, i walked to work in the rain, uphill most of the way. we ripped up shiplap subfloor, old grey boards, splintery with age. dust and fiberglass hung in the air, our masks grew black and sawblades smoked cutting through board, joist, nail, and plaster. we smashed the fireplace bed with sledge hammer, carried the debris in heavy grey cans to the back pad, the pile now as high as the fence.

running errands, we spoke of old lovers. stopped at arne's woodshop on 4th ave south, wedged 16 3/4" plywood sheets in the back of steven's busted-springs van. in the home depot parking lot, a new white car with a distinguished greyhaired man in passenger seat pulled up next to us and the driver, younger, offered a velvet-lined box of rings and took one out: "wanna buy a 3 carat diamond ring? check the tag--Zales. you know that ain't crap." we passed. the old man only smiled silently, slight nod of his head, could've been confucius and they cruised on, circling the lot again.

at night, a round of phonecalls, an impromptu party to get rid of the booze leftover form saturday. beer, wine, vodka, gin--we got rid of most of it. it's nice when you can count on your friends.

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