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December 16, 2002

the argus photo phazer phailed again, this time deleting oh-so-cute shots of steven's puppy on the table outside of malena's taco stand on queen anne, the sun out, the dog's eyes, the painted sign. i try to remember as best i can.

last week i was pretty stoked on demolition. today, it started to feel a bit like repetition, another floor, popping boards. but i was calm and happy, nice view out the windows, manipulating the grizzly bar, methodical, i pulled the old nails with the snippers, then stacked the boards by length, wrapping them with duct tape, carried them around outside, where steven handed them down to me through the basement window.

i think how happy i am working at this simple task. makes me see how people are capable of anything--building skyscrapers or deathcamps, everyone wants a purpose, a mission, just tell us what to do and point us in the right direction. following orders is easy...


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