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December 2, 2002

handcrank printing press, $40 obo

lately, my main thought is:
garbage, garbage everywhere.
shiny SUVs riding high with xmas
trees strapped to their roofs--idiocy.

fucking republicans
taking all they can get cz an apathetic
electorate handed it to them.

deepening denial of those
numbed by mood drugs and TV--
another purchase, satisfaction fleeting.

but, mainly, i guess it's me,
cooped up sedentary for weeks
unable to work in the dirt
cz i broke my wrist being reckless.

i go crazy when i spend all day indoors.

cz when i look around, what do i see?
fruits of progress, things upon things.
desperate grabs at distraction--books,
records, useful and useless, all of it
worthless, weightless, empty.

you want it? write to me.
it's all going cheap, if not free.

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