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December 1, 2002

if you want this drawing, i will mail it to you this is a drawing from last night at Graceland, Climax Golden Twins and Sun City Girls. i drew it before the show and it turned ut to be pretty prophetic, as Hick fell asleep curled up at the booth where Jesse and Linda ran 16mm loops which didn't show up too well against the black wall. today was way cold down at the Market, where I shared a booth with Jesse and Adria. very few people buying anything and it's been that way since september 11 (you know, the september 11th). i would have had pictures but it was so cold it fucked up my camera, so take this instead. technology been doing me wrong lately, and my mood verged on hick and matt's bleak dispositions, the cold grey day no boon to their hangovers. the night was better, country teasers records and rocking out in their basement. rode a borrowed bike home after midnight, electric bass slung over shoulder, kinda romantic but that whole romantic thing is a joke, so fuck it. there were no eyes out there, only the air, and it felt good.

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