diggin' in the dirt at work, i dislodged this stone, which sent it
rolling down the long gutter of suburban cul de sac sprawl slope.
i followed along, all quiet but for the clicking of rock on asphalt.

i wondered if it would make it to the sewer grate down the hill,
and if it did, would i stop it? i didn't have to. it came to rest; i put it
in my pocket. my thoughts at the moment were not very original:
was this a sign telling me it was time to move on, gather no moss?

the skies today, unlike one year ago, were full of jet planes, ponderous
as ever, seeming unfit to fly, practically hovering like boulders in ice.

when i got home, there was a message from dave benham, imploring
me to move to prague. now was the time, and when i called him later,
his phone was disconnected. also today, kenn took off for barcelona.

all the best people seem eager to leave the country.

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September ll, 2002