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December 19, 2001

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Hung out in Azur's room last night. He showed me an emu egg he'd scrimshawed and a styrofoam cup compressed to the size of a thimble by the intense pressure at 2200 meter depth, a gift from his oceanographer friend.

Today we went for a bikeride. He lent me some gloves and a pump for my cold-shrunken tires. It had been weeks since I'd been on a bike. The Olympics in the distance looked good under snow. Bearded, almost. It was an easy roll to Golden Gardens, not many cars on the road.

We sat not far from where ducks were working their bills into the dirt in search of food. An old woman with a combination walker-basket-chair said she comes there every day.... We wondered whether one intent man was going to keep walking right into the water but he stopped just short and quickly about-faced.... A young couple rosy with love.... In the parking lot, a man beside his car, surrounded, feeding gulls. In the passenger seat, his old lady, smiling benignly, tossing crusts....