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November 6, 02001

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i'm in afghanistan
taking a cab
to the water
(OK, it's a dream)
where the Navy
seems to be in
a big hurry
to land.
I get out,
say goodbye
to the cabbie,
tears in our eyes
as we wish
each other peace.
Instead of troops,
it's regular people
who land,
there to march for peace,
along with a lot
of celebrities.
Food is provided
and I sit
with Walter Cronkite
and Kurt Vonnegut,
the former surprising
me with his wit
when, hearing a groan,
he says,
"That's the sound
of commitment."
He hands me a
videotape of old
Marty Krofft shows
hitherto unseen
and I think,
"I'll give these
to John King."
Then there's a screening
of an interactive Exorcist,
Walter and I answer
a riddle by putting together
a mock cancer drug
commercial. A 3-D cubic
lit-from-within puzzle
assembles itself,
Rubik's Cube possessed,
and the peaceful
continue to land,
nothing to fear
but fear itself...

nov 6, 2001
8:52 a.m.
sunbury, oh