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October 11, 2001

have you seen me?

please print and hang this poster,
                                            wherever you are...

Lulu's been missing since Sunday, September 30. Sarah's been walking the neighborhood with the devotion of a missing sea captain's wife, taping posters to telephone poles and crying when the rain wilts them to the gutter. Today, animal control called with a possible lead--a little black kitty, badly injured, delivered to Carkeek Animal Hospital.
I put the cat carrier in silver bike basket and rode uphill to 6th and Holman. After waiting nervously in an empty examining room, I was led to a wall of cages where a banged-up kitty with shaved head, draining abscess over eye, and garlands of snot hanging from her nose sneezed and purred when the vet picked her up. It wasn't Lulu, but I fell in love anyway and started dreaming of adoption. Whether you're in a NYC cubicle, Chicago condo, or Houston subdivision, please print and hang this poster as a kind of prayer that might guide Lulu home. We miss her. lumpy