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October 7, 2001

My last binge ended with a grunt
after I stepped off this dock in the dark
and cracked a rib on a concrete edge. That's not why I quit,
but the need to heal makes the decision easy for me this first week.
The bottom line is alcohol is a molecule my brain doesn't need. Moderation
works for some, but not for me. The escape is tempting but the glass is always empty.
Rather than run, I think it's time to face things squarely. It all sounds so heavy, 17 years of
drinker reputation makes it hard for my friends to believe, but what comes out of the bottle is not me.
I'll drink grape juice in wine bottles for placebo effect and I don't think it will be difficult--I'm not quitting
drinking so much as I've decided to start living. The USA began bombing Afghanistan today. I'll stay sober for peace.