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Fremont Fair Weekend
June 16 & 17, 2001

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The Fremont Fair is an annual festival of fun
and freakiness. It has the flavor and feel of Burning Man--
with a Mardi Gras style parade, visiting performers,
and art cars all jammed into a 48-hour block party.
Whoever said "time flies when you're having fun"
obviously wasn't flipping through all the channels.
The sensory overload and rich variety of celebratory creativity
crammed into every second made these two days feel like two weeks
--and, as usual, made we wonder about what it would take
"to keep the spirit of the burn alive" every single day of my life.
It's impossible to create a representative slideshow of the goodly chaos,
so let's just call this A Limited Perspective on Fremont Fair 2001...