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May 15, 2001

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one load down, two tractor trailers to follow...

what makes sense? how about a truckload of diesel engine parts driven in from utah to get a 1935 art deco ferry rescued from alaska running again in seattle? cast iron, hardened steel, dumb and beautiful, coated in oil and grease that eat through glove, fingertip hole growing, skin beneath as if pressed in ink. a wrench whose head you can put your hand through, handle half-flattened from having been turned by sledgehammers. parts and pieces piled below in the taproom, each one marked during disassembly, someday to be reunited, made whole, mated to a waiting component whose complement froze up, died, broke. block and tackle to lower plastic buckets of nuts and bolts (one-inch diameter) down the hatch, hook through handle, hoping it holds, ready to take cover from the shrapnel should something let go. they say the Kalakala was built during the Depression to give people hope. it's been decades since she ran, but she still floats.