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April 16, 2001

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this is the view from the kalakala bow. nice porch, huh?

It started on islands, easy travel w/ Sarah Bruce and Connie, a ferry worker in headphones catches me talking to seagulls on a piling as we pull out of Friday Harbor and says: "an underrated animal." I like them, I say--probably because I'm a scavenger myself. It ended on another ferry, another bronze pour (we have one every Monday), this one almost went horribly wrong when a too-cold scraper went into the crucible to skim slag and--pop!--hot metal shot out. Nice day ends with rain, so pedaling home up Fremont Avenue I stop in at Confounded Books/Hypno Video, where impromptu belly-dancing class is in progress and I purchase McSweeney's #6, worth the $25 cover price if only for the TMBG disc.