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April 2, 2001

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U, U, U!
U, U, U!
after dreaming last night about john singing in a library, i ran into john at the library. i hadn't planned on going there but as i continued my cleaning crusade i uncovered an overdue book, Interviews with William Carlos Williams, which really hadn't told me much. i paid my 10c./day fine and we stepped outside. it was sunny and nice, bright sunlight even after 5. the office building across the street was vacant, for lease. the many storage sheds in the parking lot were not locked and we thought how perfect they'd be for a squat--but this is not Holland. someday They will own the air and we'll have to leave a security deposit just to breathe. so it was a relief to pour bronze and hammer steel in a cobbled-together foundry aboard a haunted ship that's home to pirates, an extension of peter bevis's pioneering effort to forge a nucleus of activity the function of which is something other than extorting exorbitant rent. it is good that there are people who dare to live their dreams. on our way home, what did we see but the fulfillment of yet another dream: some good soul had finally screwed a big red u in front of the GLY Construction sign which for 2 years now has signified the erection of the sun-blocking waterfront office complex that's closed a crucial link of the Burke-Gilman Trail and cloaked the Fremont Sunday Market in chilling shadow. Now who do you suppose could have gone and done that?