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February 27, 2001

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For some reason, I spent a good chunk of the day browsing 1,210 classified ads at http://classifieds.nwsource.com/job/. I found two that seemed pretty interesting, so I applied, even though I am not convinced that I want a job. Doing freelance Web stuff from home can be pretty freaky (isolation, virtual reality, same old shit time and again), but I remind myself that I started doing this because the alternatives (mind-numbing routine, institutional hours, workplace politics) are even deadlier. What I found most interesting and distressing, however, were the Microsoft ads, written with great diligence by HR workers intent on keeping their own jobs. In case you are worried that working for Microsfot means selling your soul, take heart. You can do what you want... on weekends. How nice of them to acknowledge that you are not your function.

Job code: NA39X1100
At Microsoft, we encourage you to direct your own career path. And on the weekends, to blaze your own trail.
It’s an unwritten rule here: do what you love and success will follow. And if your love includes skiing, mountain biking, hiking or rock climbing, then so be it. Because after all, how can we create software that’s relevant to people, if we don’t know what’s relevant to people’s lives?