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January 3, 1999

The sun shone for an unprecedented second day in a row (but it was cold because without clouds the lonesome Seattle sun is pouty) so Sarah and I hit the bike trail around Lake Washington and unpacked our apples at stony Log Boom Park. A formation of ducks lands on the water, a waterskier kicks up spray, a seaplane takes off noisily. We crossed the street to warm ourselves over hot cocoa and pancakes at Denny's and pedaled the ten miles back fast as it'd gotten even colder now that the sun had dropped below the crest of faroff hills. But the skies were still clear and crossing the U campus a Hitchcockian flock of crows screeched and swarmed in and out of the trees arching above us through whose bare branches we could see the snow and rock of Mt. Rainier.

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