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February 28, 1998

The Ladybug Transistor at The Knitting Factory, feb98

The Ladybug Transistor
Beverley Atonale

The Ladybug Transistor doesn't list any instruments on this 1997 release, because all the sounds are made of magic. You might hesitate to believe that real people are behind this record whose mesmerizing first track sounds like toys, but once Gary's almost subsonic vocals kick in, you'll know you're in the company of adults. Whether rocking you with grinding guitars or teasing you with barely audible found sounds, Beverley always wraps you in her loving arms.

I took my first hit of her alone in my room, and my adopted borough shook just slightly to the Brooklyn-referential lyrics of "Rushes of Pure Spring" and "Music for Tennis Courts."
It's not just a Brooklyn thing, though. When I played my first copy at a party on the Upper East Side, John said, "Wow, this is great! I know these people." Rob said, "Can I have this? Is this mine?" It is now. It's good music to give b/c it keeps giving. -MR
Hey mister, where can I read more about The Ladybug Transistor?

Do you think they check their email?