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September 3, 1998

In the casino/gas station a guy points to a 5 cent slot & says, "This is the one. I can feel the static building up in the machine. It's about to give." I think he's projecting so when he asks for a quarter I give it to him & say jovially, "We'll split the winnings." He gets 5 nickels from the cashier and begins: Right finger drop coin in slot, left hand falls on flashing button to stop--over and over and over and over. 25 cents in 25 seconds. Game over. No win. "Hey," he says, "Know any place where I can stay? Or get some dinner? A cup of coffee?" "Sorry," I say, "just passing through." So he with bedroll tied to beltloop drifts away to find another mark.

Casino Gas | Reno, NV

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