Robert Zverina Short Films season 1: January - May 2006

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Original Airdate: Saturday January 28 2006 at Midnight
Run time:
28:00 minutes; 144 films
Source dates:
February 16 - March 5 2005

various RE Store salvage jobs, SIUEFF at Priceless Works Gallery, DEMOLICIOUS demolition jobs, Fremont solid waste transfer station, PCC parking garage, Burke-Gilman Trail bike commutes, Miso!

(all addresses are Seattle USA unless otherwise noted):
(1) FEB 16 2005 denailing cedar siding with wrong hammer for job: 2-lb. sledge (2) removing cedar siding with gorilla bar, hunt's point, an affluent waterfront seattle suburb (3) twisting cedar board in sunlight for foreshortening and lengthening nail shadow dance (4) 520 evening rush hour is crowded in both directions-seattleites coming home from microsoft, east siders fleeing the city, bridge descent west, lake washington and olympic mountain sunset (5) miso the wonder cat lunging for tickler under foam packing sheet quonset structure (6) sculptor steve anderson palmingly palpates super sculpey in kitchen, 3955-B fremont ave, adria garcia giggles (7) FEB 17 2005 columbia health club building gutjob remodel demo bobcat 360 (8) marty brennan has no choice but to set off emergency door alarm for RE Store gym floor panel removal egress (9) it takes two to dolly out 8-foot panels of sawn-out maple gym floor panels (10) i push, marty guides dolly, the 2x4s on right of panel are "sleepers," subfloor holding hardwood boards together which also gave gym floor needed bounce (11) marty brennan tying reflected in salvaged glass on bed of isuzu flatbed truck "possum" (12) RE Store back lot, Taylor Coleman forklifts flimsy security gate salvaged from secretive ballard 1970s shag carpeted drug dealer and/or porn king house, the electric meter was located on outside of sight occluding fence facing sidewalk (13) seatbelt check, glasses adjusted, shirt squirmed smooth, hand never touches thin film breath freshener, hand back on wheel, light about to turn green for this driver at a downtown seattle intersection (14) exposed attic rafters of stately madrona home, high on a hill east-facing lake washington (15) driving RE Store truck past the THE WALL OF DEATH skater doesn't land it, safety cyclist passes (16) windows 98 safe mode screen, brent watanabe troubleshooting-"you might explore and see" (17) FEB 18 2005 miso in her cardboard condo complete with cut-out doorflap chases the tickler tooth and claw (18) sarah kavage practically singing into home office telephone-"ok... all ri-ight" (19) spinning blue tape strikes painted concrete floor (20) a second time (21) seattle international underground experimental film festival (SIUEFF) night one at priceless works gallery, "animation ration" screener of "the staring contest" made by ryan (22) FEB 19 2005 miso triple-rolling in back alley sun (23) miso perched upon retaining wall rocks, ready to make something happen if it doesn't make itself (24) four ducks circling in fremont ship canal just seconds after i saw firsthand the answer to my question: "do ducks fuck in water or on land?" (25) black cat tightrope walking chain link fence in last industrial alley of gentrified downtown fremont, metal-coating machinery hums in background (26) disturbed tv screener, blue screen and bad reception, screwy voiceover (27) flashing lightbulb cube hanging at priceless works gallery, whirring is cooling fan (28) PCC fremont smooth concrete underground parking garage, squealing tires in distance, mother and son--"it's very squeaky" (29) below grocery co-op parking garage there is a deeper level behind rolldown gate for upstairs apartment inhabitants (30) SIUEFF night two, home movie invitational DVD projection problem, brent watanabe says "bummer" (31) chickens screener (32) projectionist john adair threads super 8 film he shot and scrubbed (33) john adair home movie screener, after film was printed he degenerated the celluloid itself using a variety of methods (34) FEB 20 2005 this is a side job of DEMOLICIOUS alter ego, removing lead-painted fir floor using burke bar, 2232 NW 62nd-it couldn't be salvaged b/c reclaimed floors need to be sanded and lead dust is toxic (35) bulldozer in dust and dust-deterring water mist in cathedral light of fremont solid waste transfer station, this is just the stuff individuals drop off (36) shafts of light, no metal this side, this is moloch's bowel movement (37) dust and mist intermingle, drifting through sunbeams (38) sweeping dust off back of flatbed truck, this is where the pulled fir floors got tossed (39) FEB 21 2005 craig macneal narrates virtues of working for RE Store, upside down ship canal interference patterns (40) craig macneal playfully chases ducks off fremont cut canalbank, aurora bridge in distant background (41) inscrutable screener (42) benny the fremont rock balancer tries to talk one into place for the camera but my asking permission probably jinxed it, self-awareness is a drag--"yo baby baby" (43) FEB 22 2005 ben levien walking down side path away from enormous house after not too promising preview of built-in kitchen cabinets and miscellaneous doors and windows, somewhere near university district (44) ben levien cannot contain his glee after detonating a plastic champagne party popper in cab of RE Store truck "possum" (45) desmond and other RE Store staff in showroom as seen through recently acquired peep hole (46) FEB 23 2005 recently renovated house bought to be bulldozed and redeveloped as condos, smiling junkies have been squatting on the porch, RE taylor asks if i want knobby tires for my marin, 1408 14th avenue (47) long view down freshly painted scarlet corridor, joel blaschke taking up a fir floor (48) rusted wind chime dance in a red room soon to be demolished (49) shadow of jangling bells against plywood (50) the cracked end of this salvaged fir floorboard had to be sawed off in the sunny front yard (51) slight wind-assisted movement of snickers wrapper littering sidewalk in front of globe cafe vegan restaurant, 1531 14th avenue (52) sun glints off a plastic wrapper, snickers started out as a small family business (53) ben levien manually denailing fir floorboards-hammer back the way it came, claw it free (54) joel left his $5 thrift store rap album in the other truck, at an intersection ben offers to sell it back to him (55) silhouette of sarah circling bicycle under a streetlight 6:49 pm (56) FEB 24 2005 shadow of morning commute from fremont to ballard along burke-gilman (mostly) waterfront path (57) novice skateboarder kicks off on the sidewalk, heading east up pine (58) joel blaschke experience temporary interruption of cell phone service (59) using blocks of wood as platform for leverage in removing stair tread-it would have made better sense to start at an end (60) sun tucks behind building, electrified bus cruises down, work truck descends olive way on capitol hill, the jam "start" plays on KEXP (61) marty brennan and joel blaschke maneuver 100-pane leaded glass door from 1st Christian Church, 1632 Broadway, through doorway into RE Store showroom (62) oscar, one of two RE Store cats-she is chill (63) FEB 25 2005 craig macneal helping out on DEMOLICIOUS side job, tearing up roof tarpaper atop carport, 320 NW 80th St (64) knocking beams free with a 2-lb. sledge hammer-"watch your knee" (shot by craig macneal) (65) craig macneal uses beams' own leverage to set them free from where they're toenailed in (66) squeaky wheels of gaspig descending secret spiral ramp to sub-basement parking for above-PCC apartment residents (67) SIUEFF night three, screener of brent watanabe live videomixing overlay of tweaked thrift store home video and big bad wolf cutout flash animation he made, jesse milden spinning records at the BYOP (bring your own projector) invitational (68) brent watanabe shooting a screener and what he's shooting a screener of-multiple projection madness (69) risque screener of jeff scott showering woman 8 mm film purchased at amsterdam flea market-"where were these shot?" (70) brief glimpse of four of the 8 projectors which were running simultaneously at priceless works gallery SIUEFF night three (71) art gallery smalltalk, culture vulture silhouettes-"i've been doing an online photo journal for seven years" (72) 1960 conversaphone steno speed instructional LP spinning label, learn to take dictation (73) blair wilson projected color slides of his drawings (74) a sparse crowd but any more would have blocked the throws, dutch sander echoes "cheers" (75) air travel and sparkplug propaganda films overlay (76) unknown man in white danced with veil in front of amputee children rehabilitation films (77) FEB 26 2005 fremont solid waste transfer station bulldozer drags garbage to sepulchral underground chamber (78) forcefeeding (79) low clouds obscure tops of seattle skyline as seen going north on hwy 99 (80) flipping pages backwards in a book, possibly bukowski (81) ragan peck helps her cousin chauney by twisting pipe cleaners into plankton for a forthcoming installation at priceless works gallery (82) night four of SIUEFF, AV/IN meant abstract video/improvised noise, this was outdoor handwritten slide buildingside advertisement (83) dual projection in back room as drew demeter and eric lanzilotta provide live improvised soundtrack (84) charlie ahearn "doin' time on times square" screener to noise background (85) FEB 27 2005 low visibility intentionally slow saturday morning bike commute to RE Store descending n 39th st between fremont ave and leary, crow caws, wind in microphone, gradual acceleration (86) lanes for wheels and feet quietly co-exist on a foggy morning, burke-gilman trail, fremont (87) rolling near fred meyer, seagull shriek and black chain link fence dividing path from rarely used railroad tracks, pedestrian approaches (88) road, rails, and riders share this thoroughfare (89) henry RE Store cat #2 meows behind closed door (90) heading north up I5 to bellingham for RE Sources retreat, the sun rides along behind foggy van window (91) window within a window, roadside trees scroll by (92) clearing skies, strengthening sun, rap radio, the rhythm of road shadows (93) teambuilding retreat for 40-employee ecology non-profit, Lake Samish, the string demonstrates the intricate interconnectedness of the organization (94) ricky raccoon is RE Sources' school-visiting mascot, here recovering a magazine which could be recycled-or better yet reused (95) jason darling lines up a group photograph (96) abe nose-balances a stilt by the lake at dusk (97) FEB 28 2005 short film backroon cinema show is over, sticky placard is peeled away from wall (98) dragging scoop through bulk food mixed nuts at PCC (99) common windows 98 OS lockup loop screener (100) MAR 1 2005 ballard safeway parking lot loading zone stripes walkby (101) henry meowing out the RE Store 2nd floor office window, reflection of clouds (102) each meow means something different (103) suburban trees as seen through salvaged plastic sheet window prism (104) billy bass battery operated singing fish runs low on energy-"don't worry, be happy" (105) joel and taylor carry out a base cabinet, woodinville, wa (106) bundling recovered oak flooring with non-adhesive plastic wrap on a handle (107) low battery fish sings "take me to the river" (108) joel and taylor delicately remove with hammer and flatbars fir flooring in a small room, 1947 newspapers covered shiplap subfloor (109) evening traffic overpass return trip radio, amy goodman DEMOCRACY NOW! on KBCS--"betrayal to this nation's commitment to separation of powers..." (110) MAR 2 2005 joel backs "whitey" in with assistance from ben-"maybe hug "blue" a little more..." (111) joel relates dropping of a cabinet on tall steep slippery steps in u. district (112) ben levien sawzalls balcony railing into manageable chunks, 1st Christian Church sanctuary (113) wearing fall protection, ben pries free heavy trim with ladder assistance from joel below (114) joel switches his grip to waltz a long board down winding church steps (115) dangling telephone wire shoes twisting in the wind, church back alley (116) educational biblical cutout quivers and shakes in 4 lanes of traffic (117) it might be jesus rockin' to the rhythm of the road (118) parked cars fly by on westlake avenue, the longest parking lot in seattle... (119) ...recently rebuilt, they neglected to add a bike lane (120) sarah catches big air at market ave and 14th in ballard (121) mcdonald's PLAYPL at night (122) MAR 3 2005 7:48 am walking commute, cherry blossoms and unseen crows (123) logging truck I5 S en route to gig harbor HS (124) 60 mph sideview of killed trees (125) convex sideview mirror, passed truck recedes (126) new tacoma narrows bridge column under construction (127) railing of old bridge passes by, the two will co-exist side by side (128) leftover coffee in wavy dashboard nalgene (129) energy transfer from forward motion to road and back again, manifested in liquid ripples and noel's description of 21st century roleplaying (130) bikeriding in railbed gravel along one of the missing links of ballard burke-gilman trail-this one between 24th ave and the locks (131) the regulated outflow of lake washington into puget sound via chittendon locks, omnipresent crows caw, seagulls talk (132) large parking lot across T-91 bike trail from rail freight yard once used for motor vehicle import/export, now host to a parade of school buses (133) chauney peck installing thousands of pipecleaner plankton links in priceless works back gallery (134) swaying underwater, linking the air (135) MAR 4 2005 miso scrunches next to every post along dead end ridge alley fence (136) spinning zoom-out of 163 flattened can spiral constructed of retrieved litter naturally squashed by traffic, back deck fremont coffee, 459 n 36th st (137) spiraling outward, hovering closely above multifaceted pigmented aluminum (138) sarah kavage in an early stage of painting cropduster, 4'x4' oil on plywood, in her studio behind fremont coffee(139) willing model vogues for photographer in front of translucent corrugated plastic of metal-coating plant-the last vestige of industrial fremont, back alley behind sarah's studio-and laughs (140) counterclockwise circle of friends at priceless works gallery friday night opening-adria garcia, ragan peck, craig chambers, lori wolan, linda peschong, jesse paul miller, adria garcia... (141) clothed humans floating among plankton-kind of like peter weir's "the last wave" (142) john berry digging his hand down into clear crinkly bag-why doesn't he just dump some out? (143) jesse paul miller strokes miso in midnight kitchen--"oh you're purring, you're so friendly... and you're not diseased" (144) MAR 5 2005 jed murdock's brilliant time lapse evening commute still photo series, plastic people of the universe in background play