Robert Zverina Short Films season 1: January - May 2006

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Original Airdate: Saturday January 21 2006 at Midnight
Run time:
26:30 minutes
Source dates:
February 2 - 16 2005

Cobb Building salvage, RE Shack construction, Dead Girls prep & opening, inside the RE Store, salvage jobs, Flower & Garden Show, ugly car traffic, beautiful bicycles

(all addresses are Seattle USA unless otherwise noted):
(1) FEB 2 2005 6:53 a.m. Sarah pulling on stockings while seated on our bed--sometimes getting dressed is sexier than undressing (2) top hatch for CobbBuilding freight elevator was removed so tall salvaged objects could be carried down. this is view ascending the shaft (3) descent (4) the Bobcats spun and stabbed picking up demolitioncontactor's large lobby debris, emitting exhaust fumes in the closed space, here depositing debris in large metal bin on side street as coworker provides extra set of eyes for precise material placement (5) Taylor backlit in semi trailer; Seattle RE Store field crew excess salvage is shipped to Bellingham where warehouse is larger (6) Taylor throwing wadded tape, hits ceiling, he is mad (7) 4 precise hammer blows; Marty Brennan and Desmond (?) constructing garden shed of 99% reclaimed materials for RE Store's Flower and Garden Show booth (8) Ben Levien tacking tarpaper (9) Ben trimming excess with utility knife in RE Store loading bay assembly area (10) shadow of truck door closing, low slanting light (11) previewing a damp, dark, musty, moldy10-years-vacant motel on Aurora Avenue, propoerty manager (son of owners) leads Joel Blaschke around by flashlight (12) it smelled terrible and phone books were piled in the former night manager's room (13) amalgamator left behind in Cobb Building dentist's office, the centrifuge here spins itself apart (14) people shielding their eyes as ducking amalgamator operator increases speed to hurtle hinge winkie (slit section of garden hose used to cover door hardware to protect adjacent surfaces in transit) but it is jammed in (15) RE Store back lot campfire, Taylor's pyrotechnics cause Ben to lean back (16) false meat spicy kelbasa being extruded from its plastic package (17) there is a public firepit where N 39th St meets the ship canal in Fremont; this group placed candles around its raised lip to beautiful effect (18) Nicole Grant prepares lynching set for her Dead Girls performance installation at Priceless Works Gallery, 619 N 35th St (19) the sod needs to be kept moist so Nicole spits wtaer on it (20) closeup of spluttering human fountain (21) spray and reload (22) FEB 3 2005 entering an eastbound tunnel, I-90 (23) dog barking in backseat of truck, a common sight in Seattle (24) radio speaker and flashing OPEN sign of Gordito's taco truck, 15th Ave and NW 50th St in Ballard (25) the pillowed steel of insulated "roach coach" reflects passing traffic (26) similar, again-traffic NEVER ends (27) overhead view of nearly completed "RE Shack" garden shed, lacking only roof (28) Marty Brennan efficiently knocks in last skinny bit of cedar siding using a beater board (29) Sarah Kavage, a performer in upcoming Dead Girls exhibit, tries her gurney on for size (30) swirling spice water, best meal under $5, Than Bros. Pho, 2021 NW Makret St, Ballard (31) PWG curator Ragan Peck sprays water om underside of plastic sheet to keep sod moist (32) spray rivulets carve lines in condensation (33) Drew Demeter photographs Dumpster to be used in murdered prostitute diorama (34) Sarah Kavage holds a wall up patiently waiting with sod tarp held up in foreground (35) a string tacked to header of doorway proves anirresistible target for Miso's lunge (36) FEB 4 2005 typical I-5 morning traffic-"the slow progress of stayng in place" (37) looking down on the endless procession of cars-fittingly, an ETC van can be seen (38) Sarah Kavage and James Taylor enter a church for sale which front door seems to open itself, 20th Ave & NW 61st St (39) overhead lighting fixture selection sample, The RE Store, 1440 NW 52nd St, Ballard (40) enamel bathroom sinks inThe RE Store "Lav Lounge" (41) toilets, most of them white (42) glass globes for lamps (43) RE Store store cat Henry crunches nuggets (44) tracking shot of doorknob display (45) Marty Brennan hammers RE Shack roof peak into alignment (46) Adria Garcia in electrocuted electrician makeup, Dead Girls one night only opening (47) a corpse being wrapped in clear plastic and black electric tape (48) Ragan Peck "can do it", here wrapping clear packing tape around and around body legs (49) hair gets in the eye of immobilized human corpse actress (50) Craig Chambers looks concerned seeing his fiancee Adria Garcia lying near dead on the floor (51) fashion model aesthetic touches morbid spectacle with electrocution victim's hair perfectly arranged (52) Adria Garcia laughs in the face of death (53) documentarian Alan Bishop walking through Dead Girls with camcorder at the ready (54) fetish corpse wrap twitching eyelash (55) Iris Stevenson and Maurice [?] in funeral weeds awaiting opening of ceremony (56) Sarah Kavage is a bloody mess in "Boltched" [sic], an abortion gone wrong DeadGirls diorama (57) Sarah Kavage under the harsh light of unforgiving western medicine (58) keg trouble (59) resuscitation-pumping in vain (60) gallery goers as seen from perspective of performer (Robert Zverina as Sarah Kavage's distraught boyfriend) (61) after 2 hours of lying motionless,Sarah Kavage is animated again (62) Sarah laughing, gore on the wall (63) John Adair and Benayshe [?] kiss hello after the show, Withdrawal Method playing live in background (64) shot prostitute and bike messenger making out in dumpster to noise soundtrack (65) aftermath of lynching, noose and broken limb, body gone (66) clawfoot tub full of blood (67) post-show conversationalists backlit (68) Stefan Gruber hands Craig Chambers the phone Craig has phoned from his own, the two phones connected with only Craig's head in between (69) throwing excess show cards while drunk in latenight kitchen, they hit floor with sound of applause (70) FEB 6 2005 miso yawns (71) screener loop of work glove tossed high in air (72) FEB 7 2005 pulling up carpet (73) Joel Blaschke sawzalls a clean line across bottom of cabinet, back of which was paneled continuous with stairwell (74) dusky evening rush hour interesection as Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! radio show remembers recently deceased Ozzie Davis by replaying Davis's Malcom X eulogy (75) FEB 8 2005 wiping away early morning truck window condensation to reveal the sun (76) morning moisture steams off windshield at sun gathers strength (77) inline skating sidewalk commuter near UW (78) two lanes of eastbound I-90 floating bridge traffic clear apath for screaming police as radio plays interview with reactionary Christian parent (78) cars crawl by SPEED LIMIT 50 sign as fear-reinforcement radio speaks of "potential disaster to occur" (79) sideways view of clouds reflected in passing Lake Washington, looking south from I-90 floating bridge (80) pounding on sheet metal filing system picked up from Eddie Bauer East Side complex (81) roto-hammering away tenacious mortar to free blocks from sandstone planter (82) sweeping up nails and other debris from oak floor salvage (83) miso sleeps sweetly curled into herself for warmth (84) Sarah is not a willing subject when it comes time to remove her contacts (85) FEB 9 2005 the bleeding edge of water reveals a truck cab with orange paper coffee cup on the dash (86) swiss army card condensation scraper (87) rotating view of RE Store parking lot as seen through orange nalgene with zverina logo sticker on it (88) waiting for the monorail, 5th Ave-it never comes (89) speeding bicyclist, either 4th or 5th Ave (90) convention center esplanade, happy home owners gather to examine the latest in Flower and Garden wares (91) the ups and downs of escalators (92) convention center fountain (93) hubcap spinners create a whimsical illusion, somewhere near Tacoma (94) Ben Levien and Joel Blaschke on separate calls, coordinating tasks for RE Store field crew en route (95) removing divided light windows from a stately waterfront home in Tacoma, WA (96) Joel Blaschke high on a ladder with flatbar as seen from inside 3rd floor window (97) devising a technique for removing wood frame window intact from brick opening (98) Ben Levien pries his luck (99) pink fiberglass insulation is as dangerous as asbestos (100) Ben with GorillaBar high atop Little Giant Ladder (101) speeding by loading bays of immense South Seattle warehouse (102) Henry the store cat chases shoelaces in a circle (103) a single clear teardrop bulb casts a blue line in the camera's eye (104) FEB 10 2005 sandwich assembly workers seldom look up at Quizno's sub shop near Westlake Center (105) pigeon struts, perhaps impressed by its own shadow (106) a procession of tow trucks in bewildering protest parade (107) a bored vendor sways his copper ornaments back and forth at WA state convention center during Flower & Garden Show (108) screener of indestructible garden pond and pool liner promo video (109) not even metal cat treads can puncture or distend the liner (110) they even dropped a boulder onto it (111) another cattread attack, this time from two angles (112) Sarah Kavage gives it up for the camera, then gives up (113)screener of dynamic HTML ad for Donald Trump's Apprentice TV show, (114) FEB 11 2005 miso sitting in sunlight (115) flashing light cube on display at Priceless Works Gallery (116) parting the curtains to temporary backroom video theater at Priceless Works Gallery, Adria Garcia exclaims 'Yeah!' upon seeing an almost obscene gesture of hers in a short film (117) Adria Garcia does jumping jacks in front of a overflowing drain projection (118) squiggly neontube art by [?] at PWG (119) a Friday night scene at PWG, Adria Garcia opening (120) Adria Garcia love shrine, someone says "...waiting for the big waves to come" (121) alow view of wavering flames (122) Jason Glover sets up in a corner, acoustic guitar and distortion (123) Jeffrey Taylor of Wall of Sound and Climax Golden Twins gives a child's amplification device a listen (124) much laughter watching backroom screener of Alan Bishop's Dead Girls video document (125) tracking shot of Adria Garcia pointilist art (126) shaking it to nearly inaudible dance music (127) Sarah Kavage blows out Adria Garcia's candles, the wicks' orange embers are slow to die (128) how streetlights look through the bottom of an empty glass (129) FEB 12 2005 the lunchbreak restuarant ritual, Kwanjai Thai, 469 N 36th St, Fremont (130) three women walk down sidewalk, woman in middle thinks the ones on ends are her friends; the way the other 2 walk isvery hands off (131) FEB 13 2005 waiting for the 12 bus, seagulls and skyscrapers above (132) FEB 14 2005 Sarah bumps paper bag while walking down path from our apartment; the path used to be invisible from street until paranoid neighbor requested foliage cut down (133) boxcart pusher sticks tongue out at camera day of Flower and Garden Show breakdown (134) "Whitey" the RE Store box truck beepingly backs up under ceiling grid of convention center fluorescents (135) Desmond disassembling RE Shack garden hut (136) ratcheting (137) the suits exert control wherever you go, even loading docks (138) vans in line face a long wait, i hope the drivers are getting an hourly wage (139) water in two of its forms-clouds above and below Lake Washington (140) Bear Creek gated community 3-car garages and large front yards (141) weight sensor opens the gate automatically when it's time to leave (142) FEB 15 2005 at the intersection of Worst and Pain (143) Salmon Bay cement mixer, happy as candy (144) Ben Levien picks up salvaged oak flooring lengths for denailing and bundling at major Greenlake gutjob remodel (145) air compressor runs denailing bolt gun (146) tossing reclaimed oakflooring across dusty subfloor towards denailing station (147) Nailkicker usually can't knock free serrated floor staples (148) comebacks with nailnips are usually necessary (149) final walkthrough of rental houseslated to be crunched the next day (150) NW Market and 14th Ave, invasion of the chains, Ballard (151) Ben Levien holds elaborate chandelier out of way so Marty Brennan can fork panels of maple gym floor sections off their rack in RE Store center bay (152) Taylor gets a start when he thinks forklift is heading hisway (153) FEB 16 2005 slow bikeride to work is a pleasant commute (154) car meets motorcycle in this three-wheeled shelled hybrid, 520 eastbound onramp (155) road cookies appear to lead and recede due to stroboscopic phase effect (156) prybar claw liberates galvanzied nail from pulled-down painted cedar siding (157) tilting cedar board creates timelapse sundial effect